Posted by Prakash Timilsina Monday, October 5, 2009


When you right click in the file or thumbnail in Microsoft Windows XP, then there appers a menucalled Send To, there are different links. Do you know how to add your lik there ?
Now i m going to tech that how to add a link there. ok, lets add the My Music Folder there;
Process :
Be sure that you are in Administrator
1. Open My Computer From Start
2. In My computer window, Click the tools then click on Folder Options.

3. Click on the view tab, Under Hidden Files and Folders, click Show Hidden files and folders, and click OK
4. Now in my computer window go to C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\SendTo5. Click on FileNewShortcut6. Browse the button in the window that appears7. Click on my music8. Click next9. Click finish

Now the My Music will appears when u Click on Send to buttom


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