Posted by Prakash timilsina Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How Does this work ?
→ This is the program made to make more traffic of the blog. This is not fake. You will get more visitors if u do more! There is nothing hard to do. You should increase points in this program. 1 point = 1 visitor. Now the question raise that how to earn the points. There are 3 Simple methods to earn the points
  1. Earn points by Surfing sites
  2. Earn points using a Mini banner
  3. Earn points from Referrals
→ If you surf 3 blogs/websites you will get 1 point. 
→ Put the minibar in your website or blog. if some visitor click on that minibar then you will get 2 visitors
→ Refer 1 new user, you will get 30-60 more visitors.

Process :

Sign up in that program from here 
Login with that usename and password
Click on  + Add points to your account +

Then You can do anything there. Either you surf the site or refer others or use the minibar.
u r done ;)


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