Posted by Prakash Timilsina Monday, October 5, 2009


Few Months ago the windows vista's public release hence compatibility issue with system drivers and software are to be expected, i.e. your favorite games or image editor may not work on vista yet.

Fortunately, you can have both Windows XP and windows vista on the same computer, by setting up your PC to dual-boot.

Assuming that Windows XP is installed first, creat new partation on hard drive
  1. Right-Click on My Computer and choose Manage
  2. Create new partation usig disk management.
Next, install windows vista to new partation using Custom install - a dual-boot menu will be automatically created.

Things are little bit tricker if u start with windows vista first, e.g your new PC comes with window vista and u want to add Windows XP as an option during boot up. you can format ur pc and install a clean copy of widows XP and perform the above steps


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